Policing vs Guidelines

I regularly get asked one particular question when I talk about social software in the workplace: “How do you police it?” The answer, which might surprise you, is that you don’t, You can’t. You physically can’t monitor, review and approve everything all your employees are doing. Instead, you need to use trust. IBM recently published […]

“Where do you find the time?” Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus might be a good name for a band. I found this video of Clay Shirky at the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco via Warren Ellis. It is 15 minutes long, and the territory covered includes… The critical technology for the early phase of the industrial revolution was […]

In search of the perfect blogging tool

I’ve been hunting for a Mac equivalent to Windows Live Writer. Here’s my personal checklist/wishlist of what an offline blogging tool should do. .urgh {border-spacing:0px; border:solid 1px black; margin:0px; padding:0px; border-collapse:collapse; } Ecto (Mac & Windows) MarsEdit (Mac only) Qumana (Mac and Windows) Windows Live Writer (Windows only) Easy (mouse-free) way to add links by […]

Blogjects and Tweetjects

Before there were blogjects, there were blobjects. In the closing speech at SIGGRAPH 2004, Bruce Sterling started by talking about blobjects, or blob-shaped consumer items. Blobjects are the period objects of our time. They are the physical products that the digital revolution brought to the consumer shelf. Sterling goes on (via ‘gizmos’, the current state […]