Intermittent downtime

Public service announcement: (and everything else on the same shared server) has been intermittently inaccessible to me for a week now. Rather frustrating, and the reason I’ve not been making regular updates recently. I hope that will resolve this soon. Update: I’ve moved server. You can expect more frequent updates now. Thanks for […]

Virtual Worlds Forum 2007

The Virtual Worlds Forum is in full swing. There was a pre-event workshop on Tuesday, at which I presented “Building a [virtual] community within a (big) company” for the first time. The audio is now attached (lots of background noise, sorry). For your viewing and listening pleasure, here’s what you missed. Of course, with it […]

Road trip next week

Southampton to Manchester (Monday) to Warwick (Wednesday) to Southampton next week, presenting Web 2.0 and virtual worlds to the IBM UK Technical Consultancy Group. This is better than Southampton to Manchester to Southampton to Warwick to Southampton, but does mean a hotel stay, probably in Warwick. It might actually be a rail trip. I like […]

Open Rights Group bash

Worked with Ian in IBM Southbank today so I could head out to the Open Rights Group event tonight. Hoping to meet up with Ren Reynolds (no relation), Eric Rice, Kim, Lisa from Mind Candy, Suw, Kev, and more. Update (12th  April)… No Kim (sniff) but great to see Ren, Suw, Kev, Eric, Kosso, and […]